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Padded Pillow Protector

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RM 25.00
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RM 25.00
Regular price
RM 39.00
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COD by Courier Available
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3X Installment with Atome 0% Interest
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Fast Delivery with Lalamove

Padded Pillow Protector 


Protects from stains and dirt and prolongs the life of your pillow. 


Our soft padded pillow protector prolongs the life of your pillow while also adding a layer of cushioned comfort on your sleepless night. The zipper keeps the pillow soft inside. Unzip to remove the cover for easy washing. 


Material: 100% Cotton 

Finishing: Quilted pillow protector with zip closing 

Size: 20” x 30” (fits well on our pillows) 

Weight: 300 gram 

Color: White 



- Machine washable  

- Simple and affordable - the protectors shield your pillows. 

- Soft & comfort 

- Keep your pillows in tip-top condition with these quilted pillow protectors 

- Stop you from having a snuffly nose in the morning